Best Crypto Friendly Banks in 2024

Crypto friendly banks not only accept cryptocurrencies but also make them easy to use together with regular banking services. Simple websites and apps keep your money safe, making it easier for people to manage their finances in the digital age.

BankProv – One of the Most Popular Crypto Friendly Bank

BankProv, once called Provident Bank, has been around for ages, but now it’s changing. It’s becoming a bank friendly to businesses dealing with crypto and technology. BankProv might be a good bank for your business if you’re into crypto.

Tech-Savvy Banking. Enjoy seamless banking with our intuitive apps and online platforms.

Crypto-Friendly. Accept cryptocurrencies with BankProv’s secure environment and find new investment opportunities.

Personalized Care. Get personalized support from our dedicated team, regardless of your experience level.

Adaptability. BankProv works with your financial approach, offering flexible options and innovative solutions.


SolarisBank is a crypto-friendly company in Berlin that helps other companies with banking stuff. 

They work with cryptocurrency businesses, letting them use regular banking services like making payments and using regular money accounts. This helps crypto businesses follow the rules and do their work smoothly.


Latest offers. Enjoy easy banking with the latest technology.

Using cryptocurrencies. Keep your online money safe, and check out new ways to invest.

Personalised support. Get personalised help, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced investor.

Dynamic adjustments. Flexible options to adapt to the changing financial environment.

LHV Bank 

LHV Bank is known for being crypto-friendly, so they’re open to working with cryptocurrency businesses. If you’re in the crypto world and need banking services, LHV Bank could be a good option. Also, you can read more about the best cryptocurrency to invest in now.

Revolutionary Tech. LHV Bank’s advanced technology makes banking simple and convenient. Whether you’re managing your finances online or using their mobile app, their cutting-edge solutions ensure a smooth experience.

Crypto-Ready. Feel confident exploring digital currencies with LHV Bank’s secure services. They make sure your crypto investments stay safe, so you can feel confident jumping into the market.

Customized Assistance. LHV Bank understands that everyone’s financial needs are unique. That’s why they offer personalized support tailored to your specific situation. 

No matter if you’re experienced or just starting out with money matters, their team is ready to assist you through it all.

Dynamic Flexibility. LHV Bank’s flexible solutions make it easy to adapt to changes in the financial world. Their services empower you to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities.

United Progress. Join LHV Bank’s community and work together to create a better future. When we work together and think of new ideas, we can make finance better and move things forward..

Bankera – One More Bank of Cryptocurrency

With Bankera, you can manage all your financial needs in one convenient place.

Supports Cryptocurrencies. Bankera is designed for both regular money and cryptocurrencies, making it easy to manage all your finances in one place.

Easy Online Access. You can access your account and handle transactions from anywhere, using Bankera’s website or mobile app.

Modern Banking Tools. Bankera offers modern tools that help you track and manage your spending and investments efficiently.

Global Reach.  Bankera serves customers worldwide, making it a good choice for international transactions and global financial management.

Customer-Focused. Bankera provides personalized customer service to help users find the best solutions for their financial needs.

Mercury Bank 

Mercury Bank is a modern bank that welcomes cryptocurrency, making it easy to manage both your regular and digital money in one place. It’s designed for anyone interested in using new financial tools.

Crypto Support. Mercury Bank is one of the best crypto-friendly banks, allowing you to easily manage your cryptocurrency alongside traditional money.

Secure Management. It offers advanced security features to keep your cryptos safe, making it a top choice for those seeking a friendly bank for cryptocurrency.

User-Friendly Interface. With its easy-to-use interface, Mercury Bank makes handling both regular and digital currencies simple and convenient.

Global Availability. It’s accessible worldwide, making it one of the top crypto banks for users around the globe.

Innovative Solutions. Mercury Bank offers modern banking for crypto enthusiasts, leading the way in the evolving world of crypto-friendly banks.

Wirex Bank – One more Crypto Friendly Bank 

Easy banking with Wirex. Manage your finances easily using Wirex’s cutting-edge technology to make every transaction seamless.

Simple cryptography. Protect and confidently manage your crypto investments with Wirex’s trusted services.

Personalised support. Whether you’re just starting out or have been managing your finances for a while, Wirex offers personalized assistance to guide you through your financial journey

Flexible finance. Quickly adapt to financial changes with Wirex’s flexible options and improve your strategy as needed.

Progress together. Partner with Wirex to innovate and progress, shaping a better banking future for all.

Monzo bank 

Easy banking. Use Monzo to manage your money simply and quickly, and make every transaction simple.

Digital Asset Security. Safeguard yourcryptocurrencies securely while confidently exploring new investment opportunities through Monzo’s cryptocurrency services.


Customized Assistance. Whether you’re starting to manage money or you’ve been doing it for a while, Monzo gives you advice that fits you. They want to make sure you know your options so you can make good choices.

Flexibility. Monzo’s flexible options adjust to changing market conditions, enabling you to stay in control of your financial future and stay ahead of the evolving financial view.

Community-driven Innovation. Come join Monzo as we work together to make banking better for everyone through teamwork and new ideas.

Quontic bank

New Banking Experience. Forget about old and boring banking. Quontic’s modern technology makes managing money easy.

Crypto-Friendly. Welcome to the future of money. Unlike regular banks, Quontic keeps your digital money safe with top-notch security and offers great new ways to invest.

Personalized Help. Financial advice should fit you personally. Whether experienced or new to investing, Quontic tailors its support to meet your specific needs.

Flexible Plans. The world of finance can change fast. Quontic’s plans are flexible, helping you adapt to new situations and take charge of your financial future.

Community Focus. Banking is better with friends. By joining Quontic, you become part of a lively community that helps shape the future of finance through working together and being creative. Let’s create a better tomorrow together.

JP Morgan Chase 

Effortless Finance. Seamlessly manage your financial affairs with JP Morgan Chase’s cutting-edge technology, ensuring smooth transactions with every interaction.

Digital Asset Security. Protect your digital money safely with JP Morgan Chase’s strong security, so you can invest in new things without worry.

Tailored Assistance. If you’re new to money matters or already know your way around, JP Morgan Chase is there to help you with your finances. They give you personalized advice so you can make smart choices about your money.

Adaptability. Stay ahead of the evolving financial view with JP Morgan Chase’s flexible options that adjust to changing market conditions, enabling you to maintain control of your financial future.

Community-driven Progress. Join JP Morgan Chase to work together to improve banking through teamwork and new ideas.



Effortless Finance. Revolut simplifies finance for you. Their state-of-the-art tech ensures managing your money is effortless and smooth. 

Each step is carefully designed for seamless transactions, putting you in charge of your finances.

Fortress for Your Digital Wealth. Keep your digital money safe and learn about cryptos without stress. Revolut’s strong security protects your money, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

Get Personal Help. Revolut is here for everyone, no matter your money skills. Whether you’ve been investing for years or are just beginning, you’ll get the specific help you need. You can make smart choices with confidence.

Growing with the Market. The financial world keeps changing, but with Revolut, you can keep up. Our adaptable choices change with the market, so you can stay ahead and take charge of your financial future.


The arrival of the best crypto-friendly banks represents a significant change in banking. These banks are characterized by their openness to cryptocurrencies and their innovative approach. 

They offer personalized support and can adapt to market changes. They also prioritize community progress. Choosing these banks means a better banking experience and joining the movement for a brighter future through collaboration and new ideas.


What are crypto-friendly banks❓

The best crypto-friendly banks are financial institutions that support cryptocurrency transactions and services. They are open to working with cryptocurrency users and businesses and allow them to deposit, withdraw, and manage cryptos.

How do crypto-friendly banks benefit customers❓

Crypto-friendly banks offer smoother experiences for cryptocurrency users. They provide services tailored to their needs, such as easy access to crypto accounts, secure storage options, and seamless conversion between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.

What features should I look for in the best crypto-friendly banks❓

The best crypto-friendly banks offer a range of features, including robust security measures to protect cryptos, competitive exchange rates for cryptocurrency transactions, user-friendly interfaces for managing accounts, and responsive customer support for addressing any issues or inquiries.

Are there any crypto-friendly banks in Europe❓

In Europe, there are banks specifically designed for cryptocurrency users. These banks operate under favorable regulations and offer services tailored to European customers’ needs.

Can I find crypto-friendly banks in the USA❓

✅ Yes, there are banks in the USA that support cryptocurrencies. Despite the complex regulations, some banks offer services like deposit accounts, wire transfers, and merchant services for crypto users.